Update Lightning Invitations to Latest Specification

My name is Malintha Fernando and I am a student developer from Sri Lanka, currently studying at University of Moratuwa. I started contributing to Mozilla some months back (Still got a lot to learn) as my first contribution in open source and glad to be a part of the Lightning project in GSoC 2014. The […]

Got selected to GSoC 2014

Every Computer Science undergraduate who might have heard about GSoC would not merely be satisfied of hearing it. Definitely, there will be some tries to participate in it. It is not a plenty of undergraduates’ dream to getting selected to Google Sumer of Code, certainly there is a lot more than a plenty. In University […]

CodeExpertz | An online coding workshop for school students

CodeExpertz 1.0 was an online school programming competition held exclusively for the students of Sri Lankan schools. Dare enough? Visit CodeExpertz at Codechef! As the prime technological institution of Sri Lanka, we had taken the initial step to provide a platform for them to showcase their hidden talents and improve their skills in the field […]

Home Automation with Android | University Level 1 Project

This project was carried out during level 1 of our university life. – Gained an A+ too 🙂 We were totally new to Android, micro-controller programming and I didn’t know the ABC of AT commands at all. At times the project was seemed unachievable. All we knew at the beginning was, we need to control […]