Contrast stretching in a nutshell

Is there anything in this picture? Apparently not! This is a perfect example for a low contrast image, where all the image data are packed within a very small range of colours. The histogram for the given image looks like this. Histogram is the graph, in which image pixel densities are plotted against their colour […]

Implement a Mean Filter with OpenCV

In the last blog post I have stated how to implement a median filter with openCV and a bit to the discrete convolution theory. The approach I have used there was a bit straightforward than the convolution. Here in the mean filter the implementation will follow the convolution theory with applying a 3×3 kernel to […]

Implement a Median Filter with OpenCV

Median filter is a low pass bandwidth filter which uses a kernel function over the image matrix to manipulate it. The kernel may be defined as 3×3, 5×5 or based on the user preference. Then it uses the discrete convolution to calculate the result matrix. What is discrete convolution? Discrete convolution is a method that […]