State Estimation with Kalman Filter

Kalman Filter (aka linear quadratic estimation (LQE)) is an algorithm which can be used to estimate precise states of a moving object by feeding a series of noisy sensor inputs over time. The Kalman Filter and its derivatives namely, “Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)” and “Unscented Kalman Filter” are highly reputed in the field of information processing. The most […]

Using Hg Mercurial behind a proxy

You might have faced to download gigabytes of repositories with Hg. In my case, a big portion of Mozilla repositories depends on it and wanted to download that huge repos from the university network. University bandwidths are mostly underused 😉 Hg uses hgrc file to load configurations. (Per repository) You can go to your repository, […]

IEEEXtreme – The Most Awaited Coding Competition

Register at IEEE UoM for Proctors Visit IEEEUoM IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members, supported by an IEEE Student Branch, advised and proctored by an IEEE senior member, compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems. The competition made its first […]

End of the SoC, but the passion remains the same

That was a great period to remember for a life time. Reading, Coding, again reading, refactoring, some annoying issues (things get really annoyed when you update the local repository during a bustage 😉 but still there was a lot of things to learn), getting reviews from experts..!! I really enjoyed the SoC and hoping to […]

CodeExpertz | An online coding workshop for school students

CodeExpertz 1.0 was an online school programming competition held exclusively for the students of Sri Lankan schools. Dare enough? Visit CodeExpertz at Codechef! As the prime technological institution of Sri Lanka, we had taken the initial step to provide a platform for them to showcase their hidden talents and improve their skills in the field […]

Home Automation with Android | University Level 1 Project

This project was carried out during level 1 of our university life. – Gained an A+ too 🙂 We were totally new to Android, micro-controller programming and I didn’t know the ABC of AT commands at all. At times the project was seemed unachievable. All we knew at the beginning was, we need to control […]