Setting up MsSQL and Writing a Simple Java Client

Recently I was happened to setup a MsSql server and connect it to WSO2 G-Reg data-sources. Since it was my first experience with MsSQL server and as it really seemed like a simple walk-through could’ve been very useful for a noob just like I was, it just struck me to come up with write-up. This […]

Add customized publisher form for a custom RXT

In the previous post I have discussed how to add a custom asset type (Registry Extension) to wso2 governance registry. There can be situations, you need to customize these publisher forms in a way that your organizations requires. Probably adding more labels, changing colours and adding a captcha. Thanks to the maximum extendibility of wso2 […]

Writing Axis2 Handlers

Interfering the message flow Axis2 handler is the smallest invocation unit of the axis2 engine, which has ability to intercept into the message flow during the runtime and operate read/write operations on an incoming or outgoing message. i.e: if you need to route messages coming with specific attributes to a different end point or count […]

Renewing received SAML bearer type tokens

My last blog post described how to receive SAML 2.0 tokens with Identity Server. Token that are received can be expired as defined in [xml]<wsu:Created>2014-08-19T09:41:55.832Z</wsu:Created> <wsu:Expires>2014-08-19T09:46:55.832Z</wsu:Expires>[/xml] attribute. Therefore the client has to update the received token. This blog post will define how to renew the received bearer type SAML 2.0 token using the WSO2 identity […]

Request for SAML tokens with WSO2-STS

WSO2 Security Token Service is shipped as the Resident Identity Provider of WSO2 Identity Server. The responsibility of a Security Token Service (aka STS) is to provide tokens that are trusted by a relying party to a requester – the service consumer. There is a terminology goes with the article : RST – Request for […]