Update Lightning Invitations to Latest Specification

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My name is Malintha Fernando and I am a student developer from Sri Lanka, currently studying at University of Moratuwa. I started contributing to Mozilla some months back (Still got a lot to learn) as my first contribution in open source and glad to be a part of the Lightning project in GSoC 2014. :)

The objective of this project is to improve Lightning’s scheduling system by updating the available features to the latest RFC specifications. As we know most of the Lightning’s implementation were done referring to the draft version 4 of the RFC 6638, there are some features lagging behind from the final RFC document.

This is a diff of two versions.

This is a summary of changes identified so far which are planned to be implemented.


All comments are mostly welcome.

I hope to post all GSoC updates at my personal blog, me-levense once or twice a week.